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Quality Staff

Our camp staff are highly experienced and enthusiastic. The majority of our staff works with children year-round in our School Age Programs, which provide continuity for our campers and families.  We have additional summer staff who are teachers or college students with child related experiences. Staff receives training in first aid, CPR, water safety, as well as thorough training on camp procedures and safety policies.



Invoices are placed in your parent folder each Monday. Tuition payment is due by Wednesday 6:00 p.m. of each week for the current week. 5, 4, 3, or 2 DAYS PER WEEK ATTENDANCE ARE OPTIONS.YOUR TUITION AND REGISTRATION FEE INCLUDES DAILY BREAKFAST, LUNCH, PM SNACK, FIELDTRIPS, FREE SWIMMING, TWO CAMP T-SHIRTS, AND A CAMP BAG. Siblings receive a second child 10% per week tuition discount.  For those who have three or more children enrolled in Wesley, all children will receive a 10% weekly discount. Families signing up for all 9 full weeks of camp (June 8-Aug 7), may take 1 vacation week and pay ½ tuition for that week if your child is absent one full week. To be eligible for the vacation rate, the children must be off one full week of regular attendance and the days off must be within the same week. Days/weeks may not be split up or combined with other weeks.  For an illness, a doctor’s note will be required.  Checks, credit cards, and advance payment is accepted.



NUTRITIOUS PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND PM SNACKS ARE PROVIDED DAILY AND INCLUDED IN YOUR TUITION! Delicious lunches will be provided from Quality Catering or provided by the fieldtrip location. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack menus will be provided to families. We also offer an allergy and vegetarian lunch option.


Group Time

Campers are placed in small groups divided by the grade each camper just completed.  Once campers have finished third grade, boys and girls are in separate camp groups. During group time, campers participate in age appropriate arts & crafts, sports, and various creative, & challenging activities.  Weekly lesson plans and newsletters are given to families.*If your child is enrolled in District 34’s Summer School Program, we may be able to arrange District bus transportation to and from our camp to the summer school site. Call Wesley for more information.

Theme Days

Wednesdays are Theme Days!  Campers participate in activities geared towards a theme. Camp groups may be broken up into age appropriate theme days. Carnival Day is a big hit! Campers put on a carnival for our preschool camp. Other themes may include Sports Day, USA  Day, and Olympic Day.

Swimming -


Campers will attend Glenview Park District Pools for public swim time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Campers will also attend several water park fieldtrips. Your tuition and registration fee covers swimming fees for our camp. To ensure your child’s safety, counselors receive basic water safety training. Campers are tested by Glenview Park District Lifeguards and the Wesley Director &/or Site Coordinator to evaluate their swimming ability. Each camper will be given designated pool areas to play in and around. Campers who are non-swimmers or those who do not pass the swim test will be required to wear life vests (provided by Wesley and/or Glenview Park District) and play in water no more than waist deep and within arm’s length of their counselor. Our counselors and lifeguards are strategically placed in and around the pools and the campers.

Swim lessons are available and optional.  The Glenview Park District provides Wesley Campers an opportunity to register for private camp swim lessons at Splash Landings indoor pool. Campers are bussed to and from swim lessons.  Swim lessons will be held on Monday and Wednesday mornings (see the camp calendar).  A separate registration form and fee is required for swim lessons and will be available when camp enrollment packets are sent out in the spring.

Afternoon Specials

Campers participate in afternoon specials from 3:45-5:15 PM.  Campers will be engaged in a variety of age appropriate sports, art, and challenging theme activities through the instruction of specialists. Activities may include art activities, sport activities, cooking, multi-cultural activities, pottery, story writing, drama activities, team building activities, science activities, and much, more!


Campers attend fun-filled fieldtrips on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some of our fieldtrips  include bowling, Enchanted Castle, waterparks, museums, and the beach.  Campers who have finished 3rd grade and up will go on several separate fieldtrips. Those fieldtrips may include Great America and Main Event.

Special Guests and Events

Special guests and entertainers visit camp throughout the summer and may include, theatre groups, deejays, tween’ fitness for older girls, and fitness training program for older boys.


Family Night

Parents are treated to a show performed by the campers.  Family Night will be held on Thursday, August 6, 2020 - 7:00 p.m. Mark your calendars!

Inclement Weather

At times when the weather doesn’t allow the campers to go swimming or on certain fieldtrips, whether it is the heat, cold, or rain, our counselors have planned a variety of fun-filled alternate activities for the children inside our campsite.

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Friday Night Out

Wesley offers a Friday Night Dance Party to all campers. The event will be held at Wesley’s camp site. The fee for the night is $25. Campers enjoy a DJ party, games, snacks, and other surprises!  DATE: Friday, July 17, 2020 6:45 pm – 8:45 pm


Counselors in Training and Junior Counselors

The privilege of being a C.I.T. or Junior Counselor is reserved for students who have completed 7th - 9th grade. This program is strictly reserved for previous long-time Wesley campers who possess the knowledge, skill, and maturity level of becoming a role model.  C.I.T.’s and Junior Counselors receive on the job leadership training.  This program is only offered by invitation from the School Age Director. Applicants will receive an invitation letter by the end of February.

To register: Complete the attached registration form and return it WITH a non-refundable
Registration Fee of $100 AND the last week’s camp tuition to serve as a deposit.
Registration and payment should be dropped off or sent to Wesley Child Care Center at 727 Harlem Ave., Glenview. Checks should be made out to Wesley Child Care Center.
To pay by credit card, come to the Wesley office or pay on-line on our website at www.wesleyccc.com.  Submit your receipt of payment and your camp registration form TOGETHER by e-mail at jquintas@wesleyccc.com or drop it off at the Wesley Office.

Registration forms AND payment or receipt of payment
MUST be submitted TOGETHER to secure your spot.

 Deposits are refundable until May 1, 2020
Once registered, enrollment packets will be sent out in April.
Camp has a maximum capacity and runs on a first come first serve basis.

at 1-847-729-0184 or email @ jquintas@wesleyccc.com

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